Welcome to Valley Catholic Elementary School Counseling 

                       “We love because He first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19                               


  • Classroom Lessons:  Lessons are given to all K-5 grades once a quarter. K-2 are for thirty minutes and 3-5 are for 45 minutes.  The topics are 1st quarter: Recognize Bullying Behaviors, 2nd quarter: Refuse Bullying Behaviors (use your words and/or body to mean no) and Report Bullying Behaviors (tell an adult), 3rd quarter: Nutrition and 4th quarter: Exercise
  • Groups: New Student Groups begin in September.  Other groups are formed as needed on topics such as friendship, social skills, and coping skills.  Teachers refer students after talking with parents.
  • Individual time: Students may need some time alone for them to work through problems or strong feelings.  Anyone can refer a student for individual time, however teachers are consulted so a time to meet is set that will work for everyone.
  • Consultation: If something comes up that counselor input may help with then requesting a consultation may be the next step.  These are done with parents and teachers via e-mail, phone and/or in person.
  • Resources: The counseling office has children’s books, pamphlets, and contact information for community resources on such topics as anxiety, grief, and feelings.


  • K  Enrichment is scheduled later in the year if needed.  Kindergarten students are involved with activities that challenge what they are learning in the classroom as well as ones that use their higher level thinking to complete.
  • 1 – 2 Enrichment begins in October after STAR testing.  First and Second graders are given activities that challenge them on what they are learning in classroom Math and use their higher level thinking skills.  They meet for about 25 minutes once a week and are chosen after looking at test results and having teacher input.


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