Rose Lifschutz, Technology Teacher

Hi! My name is Rose Lifschutz, “Ms. L” to the students of VCES. In my technology classes, students learn that the computer is a tool, not just a place to go play games. In addition to computer foundations such as word processing, presentations, spreadsheets and internet research, we learn about how computers actually work through coding.  I am also passionate about teaching my students how to use the computers as a creative outlet. My background is in art and in particular, digital technologies. In today’s world, our children are profoundly affected by visual media. It is important to me that my students to learn how to use computers and other technologies to express themselves–I believe it offers them a bit of control and wisdom in the world of visual messages that surrounds them. For this reason I emphasize lessons on graphic design, advertising, illustration and self-portraits. We will also be using our iPads to create photography and videos–including animation!




What Are We Working On? June:

Kindergarten: Mouse Practice, internet navigation.

First: Mouse Practice, internet navigation: using tabs, back and forward arrows, and bookmarks!

Second: Using MS Word to make an Idea Map of things we learned in Second Grade. The second graders learned a lot during this project and proved themselves up for a challenging job!

Third: How to compose a letter in a word processing program.

Fourth: Keep an eye out for the fourth graders’ comic strips coming home! They learned how to use the computer to add color to a hand-drawn comic. They also learned comic strip vocabulary and some basic character drawing techniques.

Fifth: Stop-Motion animation with LEGOS. Click below for a slideshow of all of 5H and 5C’s short stop-motion videos. The slideshow also contains all the info you need to make your own stop-motion video at home!

5th Grade LEGO Stop Motion Videos

Thanks everyone for a wonderful year!!


Quarterly Quote

“Love is celebration.  Love is joy.  Love is moving forward.” 

— Pope Francis 


Helpful Technology Resources

Click above for a list of resources for internet research and info on technology related events in our area!


No upcoming events at this time. Check back often for updates on upcoming technology events! Please also check the resources listed about for info about technology events happening outside of Valley Catholic.


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