Welcome to Mrs. Fallin’s Third Grade

          “Let us learn to live with kindness, to love everyone, even when they do not love us.”

     – Pope Francis


Third grade is an exciting year! Our focus will be on giving our best effort daily to learn skills in all subjects. Our goal is for the third graders to be excited about learning and realize it is okay to make mistakes while trying new things. We are working daily on becoming independent learners, keeping our assignments organized in agenda’s and getting all work in on time.


First Quarter

Religion – We are learning about the life and teachings of Jesus, how to pray the rosary, and will memorize the Apostles’ Creed. We will be leading a prayer service for our school on October 17 joining with 3C to make a living rosary. Each third grader will be a “bead” as a part of the rosary. Parents are welcome to join us for our prayer service at 9:35 in the convent chapel.

Math – In math we will review place value, rounding, and addition and subtraction of larger numbers. We will start timed tests to help with addition and subtraction fact fluency.

Reading – We are reading stories from our Journeys textbook focusing on fluency, comprehension skills, character development, setting, plot, and identifying the problem and solution of a story. Students should be reading a fiction novel for a poster book report due October 26.

Science – Students will be studying plant structure and function, classifying trees, and adaptations that plants have to help them survive. We will have a guest speaker from Talk About Trees to help us learn to classify trees. She will take us on a walk around campus to help identify trees, cones, and leaves from their traits.

Social Studies – We are starting our Geography booklets to help learn map skills. Students should be able to identify and spell continents and oceans, locate Oregon on a map, and know basic map terms.

Writing/Grammar  – Our focus is on writing complete sentences with detail. We will learn how to put sentences together to form paragraphs.


Second Quarter

Religion – Our study this quarter is focusing on the early Church, Apostles, and the church calendar. We will also be learning how to use the bible. During Advent we will focus on doing good deeds and daily bible readings to prepare our hearts for Jesus.

Service Project – Students should be doing extra chores at home to earn money to buy items for Northwest Pilot Project, our service partner. A list needed items went home with students. Donations are due by the end of November.

Math – Our focus is on subtraction up to four digits, estimating for reasonable sums and differences, and the relationship between addition and subtraction. We will continue practicing problem solving focusing on real world problems. All students should be practicing math on IXL or Xtramath to be fluent on addition and subtraction facts.

Reading – We continue reading in our Journeys text focusing on story elements. On Wednesday mornings parents are invited to join us for Parent Reading as we read in pairs to work on fluency and oral reading. You can sign up to volunteer at: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090E4DA8AF2CAA8-3freading.  You must be current with Called to Protect and a background check to volunteer. Our next book report will be a  Memory Bag report due December 14. Details will be sent home with students.

Science – We are continuing our plant unit extending it to adaptations for survival and ecosystems. Students will dissect a cactus to check for adaptations. We will be learning how plants and animals depend upon each other for survival.

Social Studies –Our paper mache globes are complete and hanging! We will continue our map study learning about land forms. We will concentrate on Oregon land forms and regions.

Writing/Grammar – We continue learning how to form sentences and paragraphs adding detail to make our writing more interesting. We will be practicing identifying nouns, verbs, pronouns, and adjectives.


Third Quarter

Religion – Our focus this quarter continues on the early Church, the Liturgical Calendar and what happens during each season of the year, and learning about different types of prayer.

Math – All students need to master multiplication facts to 10. We are practicing the facts in class with drill, timed tests, and a lot of fun games. We will focus on multiplication, division, and learning strategies for problem solving.

Reading – We will continue to use stories in our basal reader to review story elements, comprehension, and work on fluency. All students will be doing a novel study in small groups to focus on story elements, character traits, character development, and theme. Parents who want to join us on Wednesday mornings for reading from 8-8:30 are welcome to sign up at: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090E4DA8AF2CAA8-3freading.

Science – Students will continue learning about ecosystems focusing on plants, animals, climate, and where the ecosystem is located. Each student will research an animal in library and computer classes to write a report sharing how that animal  survives and thrives in the ecosystem in which it lives.

Social Studies – Our focus will be on the regions of Oregon and what each region is known for. Students will be making a salt dough map of Oregon to highlight the cities, rivers, regions, and land forms.

Writing/Grammar – We are focusing on parts of speech and how to form good sentences and paragraphs. Students will be researching in science and social studies learning how to put facts together into a report.


Fourth Quarter

Religion – We will lead the Stations of the Cross on April 19th. Parents are welcome to join us in the convent chapel that morning. We are learning about the Stations of the Cross and are focusing on ways to prepare our hearts for Easter. We are reviewing types of prayer and are practicing different types of prayer to say at school and at home.

Math – We will focus on fractions, geometry, and measurement during the fourth quarter. Students will frequently be reviewing multiplication facts to help keep them memorized.

Reading – This last quarter we will focus on story comprehension and  making connections between stories. We will have one more novel study the last part of the quarter focusing on theme, character growth, and the sequence of events in the story. Our book report this quarter is a biography with notes from the story due April 29. Students will dress in character to present a bio-poem about their chosen person.

Science – Our focus is on force and motion this quarter. We will be doing a variety of activities to learn about different forces and what happens to objects when force is applied. We will also be working on a STEM project with bridges.

Social Studies – All students will enter a calendar contest for the Oregon Agricultural Society. We are learning about products grown in the different regions of Oregon. We will be going on a field trip to downtown Portland for a Life in the City tour on May 14 to learn about Oregon and Portland history along with interesting details about the architecture of some older buildings. We will also be learning about local government and our responsibilities as citizens.

Writing/Grammar – We continue to focus on writing good sentences with details. Students will be reviewing parts of speech and learning about adjectives and adverbs. We will be writing a narrative to practice writing with details and to have fun writing about a special stuffed animal that comes alive.




Service Partner

Our service learning project this year for third grade is to help the Northwest Pilot Project (NWPP). The NWPP helps low income senior citizens find affordable housing in downtown Portland. We will be helping the organization by gathering much needed supplies for the seniors supported by NWPP. You can find information about the NWPP on their website www.nwpilotproject.org.

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