Welcome to Ms. Heger’s Fifth Grade





In religion, the students worked with a partner to create posters of each Station of the Cross. The stations are displayed on the bulletin board outside our classroom in the hall. We will be walking the Stations of the Cross that are in the elementary school hallways with our principal, Mrs. Jacobson. We will be concluding our Lenten Season unit with a test over the Stations of the Cross. Next, students will be learning about the Sacrament of Marriage.  


In reading, the students will continue reading the book, Where the Red Fern Grows in their Literature Circles. They will learn new vocabulary words, write short summaries for the chapters and illustrate a picture that goes along with each chapter. They will respond to the literature in writing, compare and contrast characters, and learn reading comprehension strategies. They will be having vocabulary tests and a final test on the book.


In English, the students will soon be finishing our third section on pronouns used in the nominative and objective cases. Next, they will learn how to create an informational writing using the writing process of prewriting, drafting, editing, revising and publishing the final copy. This will be their third type of writing.  


In math, the students will complete a unit on multiplying and dividing decimals. They will learn how to estimate products of whole numbers and decimals, to use models to multiply and divide decimals, multiply decimals by whole numbers and by powers of ten, how to estimate quotients and divide decimals by whole numbers and powers of ten.


In spelling, the students are learning to spell and identify homophones, homographs and contractions. They will learn the rules for making words that end in consonant –y and vowel – y plural. They are continuing to do proofreading exercises to identify spelling errors in sentences.


In social studies, the students will be learning about the “Struggle for North America”.  Included in this unit is the French and Indian War and the events that led to the American Revolution. They will learn about the important battles, the turning point of the war, the strengths and weaknesses of the British and American Armies, the Declaration of Independence, and the results of the American Revolution.




* April 4~ Art Literacy 8:15AM

* April 5 ~ Report Cards Go Home

* April 11 ~ Spring Ensemble Concert 7:00PM

* April 18 ~ 3 Photos Due for the Slideshow

* April 19 ~ 11:30AM Dismissal, Good Friday

* April 22 ~ No School, Easter Monday

* April 24 ~ Spanish Mass at 9:35AM

* April 25 ~ Career Day

* April 30 ~ Free Dress for $1.00



Service Learning Project Explanation

The fifth grade Service Learning Project is to help the Community Transitional School in Portland.

The Community Transitional School serves homeless children in grades K-8. The school has between

60 and 90 homeless students at any one time. The school needs many supplies for the students

throughout the year. Our fifth grade class helps these homeless children by donating school

supplies. Through participating in this project we have empathy for those less fortunate, and we

learn the true meaning of being a faith witness.


“Let us learn to live with kindness, to love everyone, even when they do not love us.”  

                                                                                                                  –  Pope Francis

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