Welcome to Ms. Heger’s Fifth Grade




In religion, students will be studying the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They continue to write prayers in their Prayer Journal. We are practicing for our SLE Prayer Service on February 6.  Please join us in the Motherhouse Chapel on Wednesday, February 6, at 9:35.


In reading, students recently read, “They Called Her Molly Pitcher,” a biography of the American Revolutionary War hero, Mary Hays, who carried pitchers of water to the soldiers on the battlefield.  Students are learning the skills of drawing conclusions and generalizing. They will learn new vocabulary words and how to use them correctly in sentences.  Students will learn how to identify regular and irregular verbs and the VCCCV spelling pattern. Students will learn how to add an interjection to a sentence.


In English, the students will write an opinion piece using the writing process. They will continue their study of pronouns in the nominative and objective cases. They will learn how to correctly use pronouns as subjects, subjective complements, direct objects, and object of the preposition.


In math, the students completed the chapter on one-digit divisors. They will be doing the problem solver for the quarter and then moving into two-digit divisors. They will also learn how to estimate quotients and divide using models.


In spelling, the students are learning to spell words with consonant diagraphs, suffixes, and prefixes. They will be doing exercises in their spelling book that will reinforce these skills. The students will practice their proofreading skills.


In social studies, the students continue their study of the  Age of Exploration. Next they will learn about Colonial America which includes the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies.  They will learn about colonial life, slavery, the Triangular Trade and colonial governments.


* Feb. 1 ~ No School-Teacher In-service

* Feb. 6 ~ 5th Gr. SLE Prayer Service @9:35

* Feb. 7 ~ Art Literacy at 8:15-9:30

* Feb. 14~ Happy Valentine’s Day!

* Feb. 18 ~ No School- President’s Day

* Feb. 26~ Free Dress for $1.00

* Feb. 28 ~ Progress Reports go home;

                   Family Bingo Night



Service Learning Project Explanation

The fifth grade Service Learning Project is to help the Community Transitional School in Portland.

The Community Transitional School serves homeless children in grades K-8. The school has between

60 and 90 homeless students at any one time. The school needs many supplies for the students

throughout the year. Our fifth grade class helps these homeless children by donating school

supplies. Through participating in this project we have empathy for those less fortunate, and we

learn the true meaning of being a faith witness.


Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32

Classroom Schedule