Welcome to Ms. Heger’s Fifth Grade




In Religion, we will be learning the mysteries of the rosary. October is the month of the rosary. Each week we will be learning one set of mysteries. The students will receive a rosary and learn how to pray it.  We will be starting our Prayer Journal. The children will be writing prayers in this journal throughout the year.

In Reading, the students will be reading stories from our fifth grade reading series.  With each story, they will be learning new vocabulary words, new skills, and will have informal and formal assessments.

In Language Arts/English, the students will be learning the gender of nouns, concrete and abstract nouns. They will be identifying subjects, subjective complements and direct addresses in sentences.

In Math, the students will be comparing and ordering decimals, rounding decimals, estimating decimal sums and differences, adding and subtracting decimals. Students will use the problem solving skills: draw conclusions and estimate or find an exact answer in problem solving.

In Spelling, the students will be learning to spell words with the spelling patterns for /j/ which are j, ge, gi and gy and use them correctly in spelling exercises. They will learn how to spell there, their, they’re, there’s and theirs and use them correctly in sentences.

In Social Studies, the students will continue to compare and contrast landform regions and climates in the United States. Students will identify and use different types of maps including political, physical, elevation, and historical maps. They will use latitude and longitude to locate important cities in the U.S. The last geography terms test is this month.



* October 5  ~ Jog-a-thon

* October 12 ~ No School – Staff Retreat

* October 16 ~ Picture Day

* October 17 ~ Parent Education Night

* October 25 ~ Art Literacy

* October 30 ~ Free Dress for $1.00

* October 31 ~ Halloween Special Dress 



Service Learning Project Explanation

The fifth grade Service Learning Project is to help the Community Transitional School in Portland.

The Community Transitional School serves homeless children in grades K-8. The school has between

60 and 90 homeless students at any one time. The school needs many supplies for the students

throughout the year. Our fifth grade class helps these homeless children by donating school

supplies. Through participating in this project we have empathy for those less fortunate, and we

learn the true meaning of being a faith witness.


“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

St. Teresa of Calcutta

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