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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! I am excited to have the opportunity to teach students how to use technology and to use it as a tool for learning. Prior to teaching technology, I taught fourth grade for eleven years here at VCES.  As the Technology Specialist, I am looking forward to working with students in grades K-5 and to help develop and gain important 21st century technology skills such as word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, internet research, designing, and coding.  Lessons will emphasize the role students play as digital learners and how they contribute to society using technology to collaborate, share and find information, problem solve, design and create, and much more!  Students will have the opportunity to model Catholic values as they learn how to become a digital citizen. I will also be working collaboratively with our school’s librarian and classroom teachers to enhance and support grade level curriculum through the usage of technology in the classrooms and computer lab.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mrs. Flint

Technology Specialist

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May Curriculum Corner


Kindergarten: Practice logging on and off the computer, mouse skills practice (click, navigate cursor, click and drag), keyboarding practice (left hand and right hand keys), internet safety and digital citizenship: screen free fun, paint program

First Grade: Practice logging on and off the computer, keyboard practice (identify important keys), identifying and using internet icons, internet safety and digital citizenship: screen free fun, paint program

Second Grade: Google Earth, online research and note taking

Third Grade: Navigate and use Google Suites Apps (Classroom, Slides, and Docs), keyboarding practice (home row, top row, bottom row), internet safety and digital citizenship: the power of words

Fourth Grade:  Keyboard practice, internet safety and digital citizenship: super digital citizen comic, paint program

Fifth Grade: Keyboarding practice, 5th grade slideshow


Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship Resources for Families

Google: Be Internet Awesome Digital Safety Resources 

Common Sense Media: Privacy and Internet Safety


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