Christie Long

4th & 5th Grade Science and Advanced Math

And now three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13


I am a graduate of Portland State University and I received my Masters of Arts in Teaching from Concordia University. Teaching is my passion and I believe my students know it!  I am excited to be joining Valley Catholic Elementary School as a 4th and 5th grade science and advanced math teacher. I am coming to the Valley Catholic community after working in the Hillsboro School District over the last 5 years. My experience has given me an opportunity to work in many schools, allowing me to collaborate with many experienced educators. I am confident my skills and the supportive community will be an effective relationship shared with VCES staff and students. My goal is to help enhance your children’s learning experience through focused and creative learning strategies and help them to aspire to become lifelong learners.



We are working on some fun units in science. Currently, 5th grade students are learning about Earth Systems and how the Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Geosphere, and Atmosphere interact with each other.  The 4th grade students are learning about Structure and Functions in Plants and Animals.  The students are watching videos, playing games, taking nature walks and doing labs to understand how to  the world we live in works.  Some of our previous content has covered  producers, consumers and decomposers in 5th Grade and Energy in 4th grade…Ask your child why we do not have an endless supply of leaves piling up in the forest I bet that they can explain why?! Also, if you ask a 4th grader why and how a roller coaster moves they can tell you… Ask them if a coaster with big hills or small ones hills is faster and why?! Take some time to watch the videos about what is coming next in science it is fun for parents too!

Science Videos


Advanced Math

Fractions and decimals are the focus of math in the month of February! In 4th grade math we are using math properties to estimate and break large numbers we are multiplying into smaller parts. We are learning how to multiply and divide fluently in all areas of math.  We are applying math practices to all content area to better enrich math learning. We are learning about math properties to help us be more familiar with how math properties can help us solve more complex problems.  In 5th grade math we are applying the concepts of math properties to basic equations, continuing to focus on orders of operations in all forms of math with equations and coordinate planes.


Example Math Lessons:


Invention Convention 

In the month of January we will begin to talk about Inventors who have made significant impacts on the scientific world. We also will be talking about the engineering design process to help get all the kids excited for INVENTION CONVENTION MAY 17, 2018!  Starting in February students will work on the 4 phase process for creating their science boards. the students will be bringing home an information packet that will include a schedule of due dates to post and be aware of for easy project planning!  The first DUE DATE IS FEBRUARY 15TH FOR 5TH AND FEBRUARY 16TH for the students BIG IDEA!

Classroom Schedule

Monday, Tuesday – 4th and 5th Grade Science

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Advanced 4th and 5th Grade math daily 12:45p.m-2:15p.m

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