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This month in science we will compare and contrast living and nonliving things. We will learn that a living thing needs food, it will grow, and it will reproduce. We will explore the outdoors to find living and nonliving things, and also work on identifying reasons why something is living or nonliving. We will also begin looking at how plants and animals use their natural traits to protect themselves.

In social studies, we will be learning about the difference between past and present. We will investigate how times have changed along with our needs and wants. Looking at homes, clothing, utilities, and even toys.

In math, we will be introducing subtraction, continuing to work with coins and identifying their values, and begin to dig deeper into problem solving with addition and subtraction.

In literacy, our phonics focus will consonant digraphs (ch, sh, th, ph). We will identify beginning and ending digraphs in words. We will continue to have 6 new sight words each week, so keep practicing! We study cause and effect relationships in stories, author’s word choice, and looking at the structure of stories. We will begin our opinion writing unit and learning how identify our opinion on a topic and give a reason why.


Spring break will be March 28-30!

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