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This month in science we will finish our force and motion unit! Students have explored how machines use pushes and pulls to do work. Next we will be working on a few different STEM projects to finish up the school year.

In social studies, we have finished our unit on how we have grown and changed. We discussed the major life events that have happened in our lives and how we learned new things each year. Our next unit will be maps and globes! We will learn the difference between the two and also learn about our surroundings.

In math, we have introduced 3D shapes and comparing them to 2D shapes. The 3D shapes we are learning are: cube, pyramid, cylinder, and sphere.We will soon be introducing basic bar graphs and how to collect data to create one.

In literacy, our phonics focus has been bossy r (ar, er, ir, or, ur). Student have learned that “ar” says “arrrrrr” like a pirate, “or” says “or like orange”, and “er “ir” and “ur” say “RRRRR like a race car”. We have read basic words with bossy r sounds and practiced how to spell with them. To finish up the year, our phonics focus will be vowel teams and dipthongs. Vowel teams are when two vowel are beside each other, but the first vowel makes the sound. Students will learn “when two vowel go a walking, the first one does the talking”. We will practice how to identify the sounds they make when we see them in new words and how to write with them. A dipthong, like a vowel team, is a combination of two vowels, but in a single syllable word (coin, boy, and loud).


-The spring kindergarten field trip to the Oregon Zoo is June 1st!

-Kindergarten students last day of school is June 13th.

-Our kindergarten end of year program will be June 13th at 11 AM and students will be dismissed for summer after our program (about 11:30).

-Our end of the year party will be June 12th.

-Field Day is June 8th with dismissal at 11:30.

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