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This month in science we will be finishing up our weather unit and then working on several different Christmas themed STEM projects. STEM stands for, science/technology/engineering/math. We will be learning how to work with a partner to create something using these different learning strands.

In social studies, we will be learning about the jobs in our community, how the jobs help our community work and grow, and then thinking about what kind of job we might want when we grow up! Please talk with your student about what your job is so they are ready to share in class.

In math, we have building our number sense! We have worked hard to build a good foundation with numbers by writing, creating, building, and visually identifying numbers within 20. We have worked with ten frames to represent a number and using a variety of manipulatives to demonstrate one-to-one correspondence. Make sure to practice writing your numbers 1-20 at home!

In literacy, our focus has now moved to one letter a week. We will now focus on a letter throughout the week, identifying words that begin with that letter, correctly writing that letter, and identifying it and understanding what sound or sounds it might make. We are working to write words with a beginning and ending sound, understanding how to use finger spaces between words when writing, and also only using capital letters at the beginning of a sentence. Make sure to check the homework board for a list of sight words that we have learned, and will be learning throughout the month. Make sure to practice these at home and try to read everyday!

In religion, our focus is learning the Christmas story! We are excited to demonstrate our knowledge of the Christmas story in our Christmas program on December 20th at 1:30! 


  • Early Dismissal: 11/21 at 11:30
  • Thanksgiving Break: 11/22-11/23
  • Christmas Program: 12/20 at 1:30
  • Christmas Break: 12/24- 1/4

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